How to get your video game covered by Youtubers ?

Today, in this topic we will learn how to get your video game covered by YouTubers.
But for this, you need to read the article with full concentration because this is important for you.

You might be aware of this fact that there are many video gaming news websites that are focusing on the scene of Youtubers, investigate the discussions in depth regarding arise of the YouTubers, their perspective about the Video games and many more things.

But no topic has been covered about the big picture of how to get in contact with the YouTubers and what we actually should ask or say to them.


However, according to a survey from Gamasutra of approximate 141 Youtubers in which they asked about what kind of games they use to play and record. Where they find those games and what in reality they look for from the developers’ side.

Moreover, for what reason YouTubers skip over a video game? So these are the questions that were asked in the survey. You just are curious about the results of the study. Well, don’t need to worry because we have come up with all the results today to reveal the truth behind the YouTuber scene.

What are the best and the easiest ways to getting your game reviewed by YouTubers.


However, the most important one thing about this survey is how the answers from the YouTubers split up according to the number of subscribers.

According to the results, there are third of those “Bigger YouTubers” who completed the survey. These are the YouTubers with more than 5,000 subscribers, and more than this into millions or billion.

On the other side, the two-third part of the graph contains those YouTubers that are smaller with less than 5,000 subscribers.  Well, you can quickly get an idea of this survey that video game developers will only try to approach those YouTubers that have bigger subscribers in their sleeves. And similarly, will love to get the amazing results from these YouTubers.

So, I think it I better to split up all the results in the parts. The smaller part should be separated from the bigger one, so, that we can understand the results easily.

But along with that, it is my strongest recommendation to not to ignore the smaller YouTubers with less than 5,000 subscribers. Many of the YouTubers will try to watch out for those results that everybody else is screening. Moreover, when your video game is featured by a whole big clump of smaller YouTubers going well, then there might be chances that the bigger YouTubers will cover your video.

The most important thing is why not to consider the Smaller YouTubers? Suppose if no one of Bigger Youtubers is going t buy your game and to record themselves. And if only a bunch of smaller YouTubers buy your video game and record, then it is still worthy of you.

Now! Moving toward the results of the survey. In the survey, the most important question asked by the YouTubers that where you guys find all the video games that you want to play and record for your YouTube? Along with that, they were asked to give a list of one to seven option to set or rank the things according to its importance.

However, if you see the graph above, then you can easily get an idea about the answer of the YouTubers. They usually consider a game with the game press site that covers it. Obviously, nothing is shocking for me as it is quietly understandable for me if they scan the press sites for the video games to consider them and covering them that are being discussed on the gaming websites.

What is already in the talks will not take long to viral. You can understand the perspective of most of the YouTubers from this statement. The more the thing will viral, the chances of ranking are brighter.


It is crystal clear from the results of the survey that it is more important for your video game to be in a traditional talk to get noticed by most of the bigger YouTubers to record your video game.

Moreover, moving on towards the other top answers that YouTubers answered this question are:

The one YouTuber answer that: We usually look at those videos that are already covering from the other YouTubers too. So why to look for the smaller YouTubers if, the Bigger YouTubers have a great idea.

Similarly, the other answer is related to what we have already been stressed in our previous blogs and that is:

– Presence on the social media: It is much important to be in talked having your active presence on the social media like Facebook, Twitter and much more. This is not only to be noticed by the Bigger Youtubers, but most of the players and press site using social media can easily attract to your game.

– Emails from devs/pubs/PR: This one is the most and on the top priority in the lit of the YouTubers, but this time not for the smaller YouTubers. Well, will discuss it later.

In the result of the survey, the other most prominent option that the YouTubers like to consider is the option of Reddit.

Another answer from the YouTubers side was the Friends. No doubt that we all love to play what other fronds love to play. Same is the case with the YouTubers. So, this can be a big opportunity for the game developers because they need to hit the one YouTuber and in return will hit all the others. But the important thing is to keep knowing who is in connection with whom via social media (Facebook, Twitter).


Coming back to the option of Emails


The survey, I came across with the two different results from the Bigger YouTubers side and the Smaller YouTubers. The Bigger YouTubers answered that the most priority one option for them to find and get record the game is through emails. The Smaller YouTubers answered exactly opposite that it is the last option for finding the game.

You might be thinking that why is so the difference between the both YouTubers communities? Well, let me tell you that the answer is quite obvious and simple. Mostly the game developers and the publisher’s email the Bigger YouTubers to cover their video games. However, no one tries to reach the smaller YouTubers and hence, do not email them. So this is the reason of why they consider they email option least because no one want to bother them through email!



However, if we observe the chart above, then we can easily get a conclusion that how many emails the Bigger and the Smaller YouTubers get each day.

I think the difference can easily be seen that the majority of Smaller YouTubers are even not getting ten emails a day as compared to the bigger ones.

Now if we compare that how many emails the YouTubers get as compared to the press site, then the difference can easily be seen. The press numbers mostly depend upon the game talk over the last year.


So, here you can see a clear difference between to do email to Bigger YouTubers and the smaller ones. It is better to consider the Smaller Youtubers also as the reason have been stated above.

But the question arises here is that why should to put an email to a YouTuber? And does it is necessary to email the press in the same wording way as emailed a YouTuber?

So the answer is, might be but not necessarily. From the results of a survey, I have listed out the answers from the question that what is the most important thing that needs to pay intention to the email from the developer?

Well. You can get the answer from this.


While looking at the graph, you can get an idea that most YouTubers do not take stress on the interesting story from the developer’s side as compare to the press sites because they need to write. For this, the press always looks for something interesting and hot viral.

On the other hand, the YouTubers and the Press always want to access the game code or the steam code immediately and the link to the YouTube. So when you contact any of the YouTubers, it is not necessary to give them a viral developing story.

Moving on to discuss the other aspects of the story. What if the YouTuber reject to record your game even after checking it?  


Why your game isn’t covered and reviewed ?


– Your game does not meet the kind of experience or a genre that YouTubers cares for: Well, this can be the main reason for rejection. The difference of approaches from YouTubers and the Press matters a lot. The Press usually try to broad and open regarding genre. However, not the case with the YouTubers as they love to stick just one sort of genre; such as adventurous games. So, it is advisable to work on the type of games that YouTubers love to play before contacting for the record.

– Video Recording Issue: The second main issue is the video recording. This is very challenging and the frustrating process to find the fantastic game with cool graphics and astonishing video record. Many time due to recording again and again with different recording software results in the large chunks of garbage and nothing else.

– Multiplayer games can be difficult to cover: The other main issue is about the multiplayer games that can be difficult to cover for most of the YouTubers. Especially the local-only games which can be difficult to record.

– Boring to watch: No one wants to play the game which is deadly boring and provide no fun. If your video game is not very likable and pleasing to play, then don’t try to expect that the YouTubers will help you.

– Nothing innovative: Mostly the YouTubers always search for something innovative and new for their channel. They want to present something new and different in front of their audience. So if your video game has nothing new, then chances are there that YouTubers will not consider your game.

– Platform problems: There comes a platform problem because you might be running a Greenlight or Kickstarter or some other campaign. So will it is going to difficult for YouTubers to cover your video game?

– Kickstarter: Many YouTubers refuses to cover the video games under the different campaign platforms like 30% of the YouTubers said that they cannot cover the Kickstarter at all. Similarly, 55% are those who might cover. So it is better to contact the YouTuber if you have something to try for them.

– Steam:  If your game has been released and want to try through Steam, then it is the best option because a large of YouTubers will ready to help you out. It will be a badge of an owner for many YouTubers to get your game onto Steam as quickly as possible.

– Early Access: Similarly, many YouTubers love to cover the Steam Early Access games, if you have a good portion of play through. The important point to notice is that if your game has less than 1-hour content, then the YouTubers are going to skip your game sure short.

– Mobile games: If your game is a mobile game, then there are 80% chances of rejection for your game. Mostly the YouTubers skip or avoid to record the mobile games, but still, you can expect something from the Bigger YouTubers because they might help you. They might have invest money in the mobile game kits set. But still, it’s difficult for you to survive with a mobile game.

I hope this blog has cleared all your confusion related to video games covered by YouTubers.  These are the things that need to consider before contacting any YouTuber.

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